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Manhattan Gothic
by Mel Arrighi

Quality Paperback


List Price: $16.00
Carl Hopkins, a worldly-wise New York writer, needs material for a new book to cure a bout of writer's block and help pay off his alimony debts. When he meets Mirella Ludovisi, a sensuously beautiful Italian aristocrat, he senses that this enigmatic woman could provide the story he is looking for.

Mirella's wealthy American Fiance, once a friend of Carl's, has recently died in mysterious circumstances, and there are dark rumors about the role she may have played in her lover's death. Powerfully drawn by her beauty and his own curiosity, Carl plunges into an affair with Mirella, and soon he is obsessed, not only with learning her secrets, but with the woman herself.
One shocking discovery follows another, and Carl finds himself living out a gothic story that is stranger and more terrifying that anything he can devise on paper. In danger of losing everything - his career, the decent woman who loves him, and perhaps even his life, he still complusively pursues the elusive secret that lies t the heart of Mirella's mystery.