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EMS: The Life of Your Job
by Devin Kerins

Quality Paperback


252 pages

List Price: $16.00

Amazon Reviews:

"A must read for anybody in the EMS system and their families...I cannot wait for the next one."

"This was one of the few books that I couldn't put down."

"Devin does it again!"

"How fast can he write another one??"

You hear sirens wailing behind and pull to the side just as the ambulance breezes past you at a seemingly breakneck speed. Have you ever wondered what goes on inside? Here is your SECOND chance to climb inside and see what really happens beneath the sirens. EMS2: The Life of Your Job contains more adventures, triumphs, tragedies and laughs. If you're an EMT, know anyone who wants to be, or you simply enjoy tales of the unusual and amusing, this is the book to read.

Devin Kerins, a nationally registered paramedic and veteran of over a decade's worth of emergency medical services, brings you into the mind of those called upon in times of need. From his suburban volunteer calls to his career runs in one of New Jersey's toughest cities, you'll share in the laughter and tears as he recounts some of his memorable and outrageous experiences.