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Deceptive Declarer Play
The Art of Bamboozling at Bridge - Volume 1
by Barry Rigal

Quality Paperback

ISBN 13: 978-1-58776-175-1

158 pgs

List Price: $19.00

"Would you like to beat some unbeatable contracts? Would you like to make some unmakable contracts?

Would you like to become a bridge magician? This book will show you the way to improve your game, amaze your partner, and befuddle your opponents.

Deception is a bomb which can be used to explode the defense. But, be careful! To avoid being hoist on your own petard, listen to Barry Rigal, the munitions expert who can steer you right."

Author Bio:

Barry Rigal was born in London in 1958 and has lived in Manhattan New York as a professional player/bridge commentator and writer for the last 15 years. As a player in England he won all the major titles and represented England many times. In the US he has two national titles. He is married to many-times world champion Sue Picus.