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Back Through The Pack
by Julian Pottage

Quality Paperback


List Price: $18.00

"An exceptional, creative collection of hands entertainingly presented." -- Tim Bourke

"The deals are excellent and the setting pleasantly reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland." -- David Bird

"I can always tell when I am reading a Pottage book: good hands and easy to read." -- Mike Lawrence

"Here, at last, is a worthy successor to the brilliant Darvas-Hart fantasy Right Through the Pack." -- Frank Stewart

One of today's most popular and successful bridge authors offers a sequel to one of the most popular and successful bridge books of all time. All fifty-two members of the pack have stories to tell and deuces and treys are attended to with the same respect accorded aces and kings. The cards are a bit more worldly than they were, but just as sentimental. Suspend your disbelief and travel to a timeless world of success and failure.