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The Jack Who Would Be King
by Jim Kaplan

Quality Paperback

ISBN 1-58776-147-5

List Price: $17.00

194 pgs
"A book for bridge buffs."

"This is a book for bridge players...if you do play bridge - especially if you are one of those who assemble once or twice a week in Vineyard Haven or Edgartown to see who can squeeze the most points out of the same 24 or 27 bridge hands - you will find "The Jack Who Would Be King" very entertaining."

"...the hands Jim has selected are interesting and instructive to beginning and intermediate players."

"...the imaginary hand played against Easley Blackwood and Oswald Jacoby [and] Jim's fantasy partner...is a delightful surprise, and the contrived hand they play will bring a smile to all bridge players."

- The Martha's Vineyard Times, February 2005.

Life Masters, the "royalty" of the bridge community, are not common players, but once upon a time they were. In 1999, Jim Kaplan was as common as they come—a Jack of many trades, he set out to become a Master of one.

Not unlike climbing a mountain, full of daunting cliffs and treacherous obstacles, Jim's ascent spans five continents and features an eclectic series of hands in exotic locales with a string of colorful partners against a cast of world-class characters in deals of daring bids and glaring gaffes, grand slams and even grander debacles.

THE JACK WHO WOULD BE KING will improve your bridge as it proves that there's so much more to the game than just playing cards.