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False Cards
by Mike Lawrence

Quality Paperback


List Price: $17.00

216 pgs
"My advice to readers is to buy a copy of Falsecards: whatever your standard, you will learn from it. And while you are at it, get several other Mike Lawrence books - you won't regret it." - Bridge Plus

Excerpt from New York Times Review:

"The most prolific author of major bridge books on this side of the Atlantic is certainly Mike Lawrence, who owns three world team titles."

"Not only does he produce a high-quality book each year, Lawrence brings a fresh eye to every aspect of the game, searching out corners that have not been treated elsewhere in the literature."

"The Lawrence account of falsecarding is in two parts. He deals with a variety of maneuvers by the declarer, which can be used safely because dummy cannot be misled. For defenders his general principle is: "Don't bother with them." Random falsecarding frequently misleads your partner and undermines his confidence in the plays you make on other deals. But sometimes partner is known to be uninvolved."

Author Bio

Mike Lawrence (b. 1940) has been very successful as a player (ranked 15th in the world; several World titles; numerous National titles.) and even more successful as an author. He is responsible for the classics “How to Read Your Opponents' Cards” and “The Complete Book on Overcalls” as well as “Play Bridge with Mike Lawrence”, “Opening Leads”, “The Complete Book on Balancing”, and many others.

In recent years, he has become one of the most important authors of bridge instructional software, including “Counting at Bridge”, “Defense”, and “Private Bridge Lessons I and II”.

For more information on Mike Lawrence's bridge activities, check out: www.michaelslawrence.com.