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Logic, Intuition and Instinct at the Bridge Table
by R. Jayaram

Quality Paperback


List Price: $16.00

Almost conversational in style, this book contains deals actually played at the Bridge table in major tournaments in India over the last several years. The author takes a ringside seat beside you the player - declarer or defender - and runs through a series of thought processes as they normally occur in every Bridge deal. Trick by trick.

Bridge logic is what this book is all about. Occasional flashes of intuition and a few cases of instinctive play at the table, for which there can be no logical explanation, are included. Which only fortifies the tenet that all logical thinking is rational but not all rational thinking is logical.

“Bridge is an extremely logical game, almost always. Almost, not always. Intuition and instinct have been known to be lethal at the table.”

“Romanticists are dreamers. Logic does not appeal to them. They must try Bridge. They will then know how romantic logic can be.”